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Reinventing Europe through Local Initiative

AEIDL, the European Association for Information on Local Development, was founded in 1988 by like-minded individuals who believed that European integration could make a positive contribution to citizenship and to the sustainable development of local communities.

Our values

AEIDL’s goal is to support the establishment of a Europe made by citizens for citizens, taking into account the unique social, economic, cultural and environmental aspects of each territory, in a process of sustainable development based on equal opportunities and partnership.


Our services

With extensive experience in the coordination of networks, projects and programmes, AEIDL is well positioned to provide a wide range of services to clients in European and internationally, taking account of linguistic and cultural diversity.


Our projects

Through its array of expertise and technical services, AEIDL aims to promote the emergence of a Europe based on the unified development of its territories and human resources.


Latest news






    AEIDL supports the WIN-WIN-WIN campaign and employment for disabled people.

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    Local development in Europe and elsewhere 


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  • Rapport 2012

    Refugees: citizen-led initiatives wanted

    AEIDL wants to promote awareness of citizen-led initiatives dealing with relief, reception and integration of refugees.

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  • Rapport 2012

    “Reinventing Europe through Local Initiative”: the book

    AEIDL has published a compilation of the findings and initiatives presented at the “Reinventing Europe through Local Initiative” conference held in Brussels on 19-20 February 2014.

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What's new at AEIDL?

SIE: Social innovation in three Balkan countries

(27 November 2015) - The Social Innovation Europe (SIE) platform, of which AEIDL is a partner, has just published three updated country profiles from the Balkans: Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Slovenia.

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