Regional GDP per capita: a 1 to 10 gap

(27 February 2014) - In 2011, GDP per capita, expressed in terms of purchasing power standards, in the EU28’s 272 NUTS-2 regions ranged from 29% of the EU28 average in the regions of Severozapaden in Bulgaria and Nord-Est in Romania, to 321% of the average in Inner London in the UK.

Employment: growing North-South divide in EU labour market

(24 February 2014) - Vacancy trends in the European labour market indicate a widening gap in job opportunities between Northern and Southern countries.

Foreign investment: The most promising locations in Europe

(24 February 2014) - In a study of the most promising investment locations in Europe, fDi Magazine (The Financial Times group) has crowned London and North Rhine-Westfalia in Germany winners of the ‘European City and Region of the Future’ titles.

The Voices of LIFE

(09 March 2012) - The latest LIFE Focus publication, produced by AEIDL, is a special edition to mark the 20th anniversary of the LIFE programme.

Switzerland gets first penalty for immigration vote

(18 February 2014) - The European Union has postponed negotiations with Switzerland on its participation in multibillion-dollar research and educational schemes, after Berne said it could not sign in its present form an agreement to extend the free movement of people to Croatia, the newest EU member.

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