EU digital agenda: state of play

(28 May 2014) - New data shows the Commission is on track to complete 95 of its 101 digital actions by 2015, which shows good progress. But rural areas are still lagging behind.

Lack of funding prevents companies from capitalising on their innovations

(28 May 2014) - Most companies have not received public financial support for R&D or other innovation activities since January 2011, reports the 2014 Innobarometer survey on “The role of public support in the commercialisation of innovations”.

EU elections: Established parties rocked by anti-Europe vote

(26 May 2014) - European politics were jolted as seldom before on Sunday when France's extreme nationalists triumphed in the European parliament elections, which across the continent returned an unprecedented number of MEPs hostile or skeptical about the EU in a huge vote of no confidence in Europe's political elite.

European elections: What form of cohabitation between France and the EU?

(27 May 2014) - According to Yves Bertoncini of Notre Europe-Jacques Delors Institute, the result of the European elections in France and in Europe on 22-25 May teaches us three major lessons at both national and EU levels.

Common statement supporting community-led local development

(8 November 2012) - Together with other organisations and networks, AEIDL has published a common statement supporting the European Commission's proposal to make community-led local development (CLLD) a major strand of the future EU cohesion policy.

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