(19 April 2019) - The InvestEU Programme will bring together under one roof the multitude of EU financial instruments currently available to support investment in the EU.

Electric fishing

(18 April 2019) - The European Parliament approved on 16 April new technical rules on fishing activities and catching methods allowed within EU waters, confirming that the use of electric currents or ‘pulse fishing’ will be illegal from mid-2021.


(17 April 2019) - Today, i-Portunus, a pilot project funded by the European Commission, is launching the first of three calls for proposals which will allow around 500 artists to work in another EU country for a period of 15 to 85 days.


(06 April 2019) - European films still lack visibility, that is why the European Commission together with the European Audiovisual Observatory have launched LUMIERE VOD, the European Film Directory.


(15 April 2019) - A “censorship of the internet” could be in store as a direct result of the EU’s new rules on Copyright protection, a Polish government minister said today, as EU member states approved the controversial plans after more than two years.


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