(21 August 2013) - The global shift towards making research findings available free of charge for readers (so-called 'open access') was confirmed today in a study funded by the European Commission.

(20 August 2013) - The European Commission awards its 50th European Industrial Doctorate (EID) research grant today. The €1.5 million grant is for research into new antibodies that will destroy a tumour's blood vessels and eradicate the tumour.

(19 August 2013) - The continuous globalisation of the economy has pushed many enterprises to adopt international sourcing as a business model, i.e. move certain business functions that were performed in-house or domestically sourced by the resident enterprise to either non-affiliated or affiliated enterprises located abroad. To find out more about this phenomenon, a new Eurostat survey gathered data on international organisation and sourcing of business functions in 15 European countries.

(14 August 2013) - Following the successful collaboration between EU Member States, industry, national administrations, academia, the private sector and local communities on a series of projects to make living, working, travelling, studying and doing business across borders easier, the European Commission is making a €13.7 million investment to further develop cross-border digital public services.

(13 August 2013) - While Europeans are open to the opportunities offered by new mobile tools and services, they still think twice before picking up the phone or going online because of the cost of these services.