(16 April 2013) - A recent ECB household-wealth survey was interpreted by the media as evidence that poor Germans should not have to pay for southern Europe. This is an inaccurate perception. An article published in the Social Europe Journal takes a look at the numbers.

(15 April 2013) - According to the latest figures provided by Eurostat, Spain was the top foreign destination of EU27 residents in 2011 (13% of all outbound trips), followed by Italy and France (both 9%).

(12 April 2013) - The European Citizens’ Initiative is struggling to gain momentum a year after being launched, bogged down by technical and bureaucratic hurdles that have prevented a single petition from meeting all the requirements, said civic activists who met in Brussels.

(11 April 2013) - The share of population aged 30 to 34 in the EU27 having completed tertiary education was up to 36% and the share of early leavers from education and training was down to 13% in 2012.

(11 April 2013) - Corruption is costing EU countries €323 billion annually, says a new report published by the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin and the Bertelsmann Foundation. This defies Europe's image as a global front-runner in the fight against graft.