10 April 2013) - In 2012, average hourly labour costs were estimated to be €23.4 in the EU27 and €28.0 in the euro area. However, this average masks significant differences between EU Member States.

(10 April 2013) – Four researchers from Paris, Copenhagen and Düsseldorf have studied the consequences of the crisis on job quality between 2005 and 2010 in the EU. Improvements are visible with regard to working conditions, working-time and work-life balance. However, involuntary non-standard employment has increased and wages display a pronounced deterioration.

(09 April 2013) –Marking International Roma Day, the European Commission urged member countries yesterday to ensure that NGOs representing Roma are involved in the planning and use of EU funds for integration into society.

(09 April 2013) - The European Commission is proposing EU-wide methods to measure the environmental performance of products and organisations, and encouraging Member States and the private sector to take them up.

(08 April 2013) - Industry and public sector representatives from 10 European Member States are participating today in a field trip to visit leading energy efficiency business-cases in Denmark.