(28 August 2013) - The combined requests by EU member states for information from Facebook amounted to roughly two-thirds the number of US requests, according to global data disclosed by the social network site yesterday.

(27 August 2013) - Once seen as a distant objective, economic growth and political will are now bringing universal health coverage within reach for the developing world. Developing countries in the Middle East, Asia and Africa are quickly catching up with European healthcare standards, although it will take nearly half a century before all can provide comparable treatments.

(26 August 2013) - The European Commission has today approved Croatia’s investment plan to use EU cohesion policy funds worth €449.4m allocated to the country when it joined the EU on 1st July 2013.

(23 August 2013) - The European Commission, in partnership with the European Economic and Social Committee and the City of Strasbourg, launches in Strasbourg on 16th-17th January 2014 a large European interactive event on Social entrepreneurship and the social economy.

(21 August 2013) - A new infographic comparing wage developments between the year 2000 and 2012 for the EU’s 28 member states provides proof of the impact of austerity and internal devaluation policies on wages in Europe.