(09 October 2013) – Eurostat recently published the Regional yearbook 2013 and recently launched a new interactive tool, Regional Statistics Illustrated, to visualise regional data.

(08 October 2013) - The European Commission has today released the results of the 3-yearly Eurobarometer survey on the “Perception of Quality of Life in European Cities”. 41 000 urban dwellers in 79 cities rated their satisfaction with various aspects of urban life, in particular public services.

(07 October 203) - The European Commission is publishing a blueprint to help micro-enterprises and small businesses in Europe’s regions grow by using digital technologies.

(04 October 2013) - From 7th-31st of October Brussels hosts an exhibition called "100 EUrbansolutions for better cities", promoting dozens of projects in the towns and cities of the EU and co-financed by the ERDF.

(03 October 2013) - The European Commission has today launched a consultation inviting stakeholders to share their views about crowdfunding: its potential benefits, risks, and the design of an optimal policy framework to untap the potential of this new form of financing.