(05 April 2013) - Although the proportion of female researchers in Europe is increasing, the under-representation of women in scientific disciplines and careers still persists. This is the message of the latest edition of the "She Figures", published today.

(04 April 2013) - In 2011, EU27 general government expenditure amounted to 49.1 % of GDP. More than half was devoted to social protection and health, according to Eurostat.

(03 April 2013) - A decline in public opinion on the European Union observed since 2007 significantly worsened in 2011, bringing support to historically low levels which continue today. Notre Europe-Jacques Delors Institute has published a policy paper on the subject.

(02 April 2013) - The European Commission recently invited around 150 delegates from ministries managing and managing authorities dealing with the EFF, EAFRD, ERDF and ESF to a meeting to discuss a common draft guidance document on community-led local development (CLLD).

(02 April 2013) - The latest edition of the International Newsletter for Sustainable Local Development focuses on cooperatives and Inuit communities in Canada. It shows that the fundamental spirit of cooperatives is perfectly suited to indigenous communities’ mentality.