(13 August 2013) - The finalists for the RegioStars 2014 awards which honour Europe's most inspirational and innovative regional projects have been published.

(12 August 2013) – In the context of Lithuania’s EU Presidency and of Latvia soon joining the Euro Area, Notre Europe-Jacques Delors Institute has just published a study on the integration of the Baltic States in the European Union.

(08 August 2013) - Amsterdam and Copenhagen are the top cities for cyclers, according to Copenhagenize Design Co., a consulting firm specialising in bicycle promotion. Some other high-ranking urban areas – including Seville, Bordeaux and Antwerp – haven’t necessarily been on the international radar for their cycling efforts much up until now.

(05 July 2013) - The compendium to the Transport Research & Innovation Portal (TRIP) has just been published. It presents an overview of transport research and funding in the European Research Area and beyond, in a total 36 countries.

(03 July 2013) – Out of 1 159 applications received, the European Commission has approved funding for 248 new projects under the LIFE+ programme, the European Union's environment fund.