(11 October 2013) - Today the European Commission has started a consultation with consumers, consumer protection organisations and business to see how best to strengthen consumer protection across borders.

(11 October 2013) – In its Annual Report 2013 published a few days ago, the World Bank Group believes it is possible to end extreme poverty at the global level by 2030.

(10 October 2013) - The low-skilled are more likely than others to be unemployed, have bad health and earn much less, according to the first OECD Survey of Adult Skills. Countries with greater inequality in skills proficiency also have higher income inequality.

(09 October 2013) - European Commission Vice President Antonio Tajani has welcomed the approval of the European Parliament of the recreational boats directive.

(09 October 2013) – Eurostat recently published the Regional yearbook 2013 and recently launched a new interactive tool, Regional Statistics Illustrated, to visualise regional data.