(03 March 2020) - Luxembourg abolished fares for trains, trams and buses on Saturday (28 February) in what the government said was a bid to tackle road congestion and pollution, as well as supporting low earners.

RegioStars 2020

(02 March 2020) - Today, the European Commission kicks off the 13th edition of the RegioStars competition, which rewards the best EU Cohesion Policy projects.


(28 February 2020) - As Poland plans to build six nuclear plants, it has to inform its neighbours about potential environmental consequences. it has not yet told anyone, except Austria.


(27 February 2020) - In 2018, total government expenditure in the European Union amounted to 46.7% of GDP. This share has steadily decreased since 2012, when it stood at 49.7% of GDP.

LEADER Moldova

(27 February 2020) - Moldova’s national parliament adopted on 20 February the European LEADER approach as the basis of national rural policy.