(15 November 2019) - In 2018, 82% of young people aged 20-34 who had successfully obtained at least an upper secondary level of education in the past 1-3 years and are not in further education were in employment.


(14 November 2019) - Today the Commission and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) present a report on an initiative launched in 2017 to help 12 EU regions and Member States achieve industrial transition and hold their own in a globalised economy.


(13 November 2019) - The reopening of a disused rail connection between France and Spain has invigorated local economies, improved transit options for passengers and freight and provided opportunities for tourism.


(11 November 2019) - Today, the European Commission published its 2020 call for proposals under the European Solidarity Corps.


(08 November 2019) - The European Commission has published the 2019 edition of the report “Labour Market and Wage Developments in Europe” confirming that the European labour market has so far proven to be resilient to the weakening of the economy.