Next Generation EU

(28 May 2020) - To ensure the recovery is "sustainable, even, inclusive and fair" for all Member States, the European Commission has proposed to create a new recovery instrument, “Next Generation EU”, embedded within a “powerful, modern and revamped” long-term EU budget.


(27 May 2020) - The Commission released today its latest report on the EU's Science, Research and Innovation Performance, through which it analyses how Europe performs in the global context.


(26 May 2020) - All citizens and organisations are welcome to contribute to a public consultation on the protection and facilitation of cross-border investment within the EU.

Frugal 4

(25 May 2020) - The “Frugal Four” (Austria, Denmark, the Netherlands and Sweden) presented their own draft for an EU recovery fund in a ‘non-paper’ sent to the EU capitals on 23 May. The most important point: aid money must be repaid.


(21 May 2020) - The Commission’s promised green recovery plan will focus on building renovation, renewables and hydrogen as well as clean mobility and the circular economy, according to a leaked working document obtained by EurActiv.