(30 April 2020) - The EUvsVirus Hackathon Jury identified the best solutions to support European and global in the fight against the coronavirus outbreak.


(29 April 2020) - The European Commission today adopted a package of measures that should solve practical problems, remove administrative burdens, and increase flexibility.


(28 April 2020) - Nine southern member states have called on the EU to come up with an “homogenous” plan to help tourism mitigate the catastrophic financial impact of the COVID-19 crisis.

Global Response

(27 April 2020) - The European Union is joining forces with global partners to kick-start a pledging effort – the Coronavirus Global Response – starting on 4 May 2020.


(27 April 2020) - In 2019, the year before COVID-19 containment measures were widely introduced by EU Member States, unemployment rates continued to vary widely across the NUTS 2 regions of the EU’s 27 Member States.