Von der Leyen / Michel

(24 April 2020) - EU leaders have tasked the European Commission with designing the recovery plan for the deep economic crisis that the coronavirus COVID-19 will cause in Europe.


(23 April 2020) - The Europe 2020 strategy’s target is that at least 40% of 30-34-year-olds should have completed tertiary education by 2020. Reaching 40.3%, the EU crossed this threshold in 2019.


(22 April 2020) - Today an international alliance of UN, governmental, and nongovernmental agencies working to address the root causes of extreme hunger have released a new edition of their annual Global Report on Food Crises.


(21 April 2020) - All EU-27 farm ministers called for activating the private storage aid (PSA) to support those agri-food sectors hardly hit by the COVID-19 crisis.


(20 April 2020) - Agri-food and drink products whose names are protected by the European Union as “Geographical Indications” (GIs) represent a sales value of nearly €75 billion, according to a study published today.