(17 April 2020) - Today, the Commission adopted guidance on the implementation of relevant EU rules on asylum and return procedures and on resettlement in the context of the coronavirus pandemic.


(16 April 2020) - COVID-19 packages for the eurozone countries have removed the hesitations of Bulgaria’s government.


(15 April 2020) - Today, the Commission, in cooperation with the President of the European Council, has put forward a European roadmap to phase-out the containment measures due to the coronavirus outbreak.


(14 April 2020) - Today, the Council gave its approval to the Commission’s proposal to activate the European Union's Emergency Support Instrument.


(14 April 2020) - Ciarán Cuffe, a former Irish minister now turned MEP, has urged the European Commission to take a locally integrated approach to building efficiency, saying it will be “critical” to the success of the upcoming renovation wave announced as part of the European Green Deal.