(21 December 2018) - According to a new Eurobarometer survey released today, for the first time, a majority of Europeans think that their voice counts in the EU. The number of Europeans who have a positive image of the EU increases.

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Positive political indicators are on the rise. In 16 EU Member States, a majority of respondents agree that their voice counts in the European Union, with the highest scores in Denmark (73%), Sweden (71%) and Germany (70%).

The proportion of respondents with a positive image of the EU has increased in 17 EU Member States, most sharply in Sweden (53%, +11), Spain (43%, +10) and the United Kingdom (43%, +9).

Trust in the EU remains higher than trust in national governments or parliaments. 42% of Europeans trust the European Union, while 35% trust their national parliament and their national government.

In all 28 Member States, a majority of respondents feel that they are citizens of the EU: a large majority of respondents support “the free movement of EU citizens” (83%).

Support for the Economic and Monetary Union and for the euro remains at a record high, with three-quarters of respondents (75%) in the Euro area in favour of the EU's single currency.

Migration and terrorism remain Europeans' top concerns.

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