(22 February 2021) - A new AEIDL briefing by Enrique Nieto highlights lessons for rural development based on the analysis of some local rural initiatives implemented across the EU to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.


(02 February 2021) - In the context of the SHERPA project, Gianluca Brunori (University of Pisa) explores the necessary transition towards sustainable food systems that ensure access and availability to healthy and appropriate food while not harming ecosystems.


(15 December 2020) - The European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) recently awarded a contract to AEIDL to raise awareness and build capacity of institutions and public buyers on how to use public procurement to promote gender equality.


(23 November 2020) - A joint survey by OECD and the European Committee of the Regions shows that beyond the human and health tragedy, COVID-19 has a profound effect on local and regional authorities.