(24 April 2019) - Empirical work carried through the 33 RELOCAL case studies reveals some early findings in the context of 'spatial justice'.

Pierre Veltz

(04 April 2019) - With his book, “La France des territoires, défis et promesses” (France's territories, challenges and promises), Pierre Veltz offers a stimulating analysis. His hypothesis is that we are witnessing a local turning point which, if well negotiated, could constitute a decisive lever for the future of the country and its territories. And this also has value for Europe.


(28 March 2019) - How can the development of ‘open’ digital solutions strengthen the place-based social innovation capacity and encourage the sharing of good practices and experiences between countries? Katalin Kolosy (AEIDL) and Denis Pansu (Fing) answer the question.


(15 March 2019) - Iván Tosics, managing director of the Metropolitan Research Institute, treats the issue of the “housing paradox”: how more financing seemingly curbs the affordability of housing across the globe – and no longer only in the so-called “hedge-cities”.


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