(28 March 2019) - How can the development of ‘open’ digital solutions strengthen the place-based social innovation capacity and encourage the sharing of good practices and experiences between countries? Katalin Kolosy (AEIDL) and Denis Pansu (Fing) answer the question.


(15 March 2019) - Iván Tosics, managing director of the Metropolitan Research Institute, treats the issue of the “housing paradox”: how more financing seemingly curbs the affordability of housing across the globe – and no longer only in the so-called “hedge-cities”.


(01 March 2019) - Action to tackle the accelerated process of depopulation in rural Spain has focused in some cases on promoting the settlement of an immigrant population to revitalise these areas, while improving the quality of life of the groups that settle there. María Coto Sauras analyses these initiatives and extracts some elements to be considered in future interventions.

Yves Champetier

(14 February 2019) - For more than 40 years, Yves Champetier has been a privileged actor and observer of European policies in support of local development. He has witnessed their development and successes as well as the difficulties encountered. In this article, he offers an overview of the progress that has been made and the challenges facing us today.