(27 October 2017) - A few weeks ago, about 20 people, all with considerable experience of the LEADER approach and territorial development, met in in Alentejo, Portugal. Going under the banner of the "CARMEN group", they present a number of principles and mechanisms to put citizens and local initiative at the centre of the European project.

European Rural Parliament

(24 October 2017) - Proposals for a new European fund for community-led local development have been launched by the 3rd European Rural Parliament, meeting at the village of Venhorst, in North Brabant, The Netherlands.


(01 September 2017) - This is a good time to talk about LEADER, with discussions currently underway on the next phase of the Common Agricultural Policy, and on the programming of European funds for 2021-2027, all against the backdrop of the ongoing Brexit negotiations. In this context, AEIDL is pleased to be able to publish an interesting paper written by José Luis Peralta Pascua, an expert in EU Law and a specialist of LEADER.

Fab Labs

(02 June 2017) - Katalin Kolosy (AEIDL) attended the European gathering of the Fab Labs in Toulouse on 11-14 May 2017 to facilitate a roundtable on ‘Fab Labs and rural Europe: state of the art and future options’.


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