(03 December 2018) - Migration is not an emergency but a global fact. We need to move from emergency measures to long-term policies implemented through multi-level governance mechanisms. This was the message of the ESPON-Interact Joint Conference, on 22-23 November in Athens, backed up by a range of good practices. Patricia Martinez Sáez (AEIDL) reports.


(26 November 2018) - Patricia Martinez Sáez (AEIDL) attended the ‘Integrating Cities’ conference hosted by the City of Milan on 7-8 November 2018. Establishing a strong policy dialogue to develop integration strategies for migrants from the local to the European level was the key message of the event.

Robert Lukesch

(22 November 2018) - In a remarkable keynote paper prepared for the “LEADER Reloaded” ELARD conference (Evora, 26-28 September 2018), Robert Lukesch, European expert in rural development, summarises the evolution, current situation and future challenges of LEADER.

Smart Villages

(05 October 2018) - Social and digital "smart villages" are trending across Europe. Paul Soto and Enrique Nieto (ENRD / AEIDL / Grupo Alba) show that smart villages focus on local communities that take their futures into their own hands, often, but not exclusively, with the help of digital technologies.