Istanbul Innovation Days

(08 December 2017) - About 150 people from more than 50 countries gathered at the ‘Istanbul Innovation Days’ (31 October - 2 November), organised by UNDP and Nesta, to share, learn and discuss how building movements for government and cross-sector innovation might create social impact on a larger scale.


(05 December 2017) - Patricia Martinez Sáez reports on the Social Innovation for Refugee Inclusion event, organised by the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) on 16 and 17 November 2017.

Alessandro La Grassa & Lorenzo Barbera

(24 November 2017) - Alessandro La Grassa highlights some of the initiatives and successes of CRESM, a social cooperative based in Sicily, while Jean-Luc Janot (AEIDL) interviewed Lorenzo Barbera, a long time local development activist and the founder of CRESM.


(27 October 2017) - A few weeks ago, about 20 people, all with considerable experience of the LEADER approach and territorial development, met in in Alentejo, Portugal. Going under the banner of the "CARMEN group", they present a number of principles and mechanisms to put citizens and local initiative at the centre of the European project.