(13 September 2019) - DESIRA is a new project that aims to improve the capacity of society and political bodies to respond to the challenges that digitisation generates in rural areas, agriculture and forestry, and to provide a comprehensive assessment of both opportunities and threats.


(12 September 2019) - On the 20th of June took place in The Hague the 2nd EMEN Annual Event entitled “Access to finance for migrant entrepreneurs? Cross your own borders”. Here is the report.


(05 July 2019) - This AEIDL’s 30th Anniversary event was an opportunity to launch a pan-European community of like-minded individuals who are involved in the revival of historic buildings and cultural places that get off the beaten track of conventional heritage preservation.


(03 July 2019) - The Social Innovation Manual is an online, open resource available for innovators, intermediaries and public /private sectors to improve their skills in design for social innovation.


(01 July 2019) - The Social Innovation Assembly (SIA) is one of the outcomes of the Horizon 2020 project 'Social Innovation Community'. It met for the first time on Friday 28 June.


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