The purpose of our fortnightly bilingual (EN/FR) electronic newsletter, AEIDL Flash, is to draw attention to our activities and the news on our website. These news items from different sources are selected for the interest they may have for local development in Europe.

(03 November 2015) - AEIDL has contributed to the preparation of the Second International Conference on Social Innovation (Montpellier, 27 November 2015).

(22 October 2015) - With the start, in September, of the European Social Fund (ESF) Transnational Platform, coordinated by AEIDL, four new colleagues have joined the Brussels team.

(10 September 2015) - Concerned about the fate of thousands of migrants seeking refuge in Europe, AEIDL would like to open its website to initiatives, actions, projects promoted by citizen groups, organisations or local authorities, that can improve the lives of these people in need who are knocking on our door, asking for our help.

(09 September 2015) - In addition to publications, web development and other communication activities, AEIDL is also experienced in video production.


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