(09 September 2015) - In addition to publications, web development and other communication activities, AEIDL is also experienced in video production.

(02 September 2015) - Social Innovation Europe (SIE), an initiative coordinated by AEIDL, has just published a report on “Exploring Ecosystems for Social Innovation”, drawing on the debates of a recent conference.

(14 July 2015) - The European Commission’s Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion (DG EMPL) has contracted AEIDL to provide technical assistance to the EU-level platform dedicated to transnational cooperation under the European Social Fund (ESF).

(09 July 2015) - In the wake of the Social Business Initiative (2011-2014), national governments as well as the European institutions are taking the social economy increasingly seriously. The European Parliament’s Social Economy Intergroup has been reconstituted in this session, and is holding a regular programme of thematic hearings. Toby Johnson, a member of AEIDL, wrote a report on the Social Entrepreneurship Network website.

(26 June 2015) - Within the framework of the DevNet EEIG, established in partnership with Grupo Alba (Spain), AEIDL will continue to participate in the Support Unit for FARNET, the European Fisheries Areas Network.


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