(10 September 2015) - Concerned about the fate of thousands of migrants seeking refuge in Europe, AEIDL would like to open its website to initiatives, actions, projects promoted by citizen groups, organisations or local authorities, that can improve the lives of these people in need who are knocking on our door, asking for our help.

(09 September 2015) - In addition to publications, web development and other communication activities, AEIDL is also experienced in video production.

(02 September 2015) - Social Innovation Europe (SIE), an initiative coordinated by AEIDL, has just published a report on “Exploring Ecosystems for Social Innovation”, drawing on the debates of a recent conference.

(14 July 2015) - The European Commission’s Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion (DG EMPL) has contracted AEIDL to provide technical assistance to the EU-level platform dedicated to transnational cooperation under the European Social Fund (ESF).

(09 July 2015) - In the wake of the Social Business Initiative (2011-2014), national governments as well as the European institutions are taking the social economy increasingly seriously. The European Parliament’s Social Economy Intergroup has been reconstituted in this session, and is holding a regular programme of thematic hearings. Toby Johnson, a member of AEIDL, wrote a report on the Social Entrepreneurship Network website.