(21 January 2015) - Euronews, the most-watched news channel in Europe, will broadcast a report on Social Innovation Europe (SIE), a project and network AEIDL is involved in.

(15 January 2015) - AEIDL and Groupe SOS recently published within the Social Innovation Europe (SIE) project a contribution to share their insight on social innovation in France.

(13 January 2015) - The 11th edition of the FARNET Magazine, coproduced by AEIDL within DevNet EEIG, draws the lessons of eight years of local development in Europe’s fisheries communities and presents the challenges these communities have to address in the perspective of the new EU programming period 2014-2020.

(17 December 2014) - The ‘Best LIFE Environment projects 2013’ publication, co-produced by AEIDL, highlights exemplary environment projects, which received recognition at the LIFE Environment Awards.

(12 December 2014) - Jean Quatremer, a journalist with Libération, shared with the members and the team of AEIDL his views on the prospects of the European Union. The EU is in bad shape, but by being proactive and more open to the press and the public, the new EU leaders seem determined to “make things happen".