(06 May 2014) - On 2nd April AEIDL piloted its new one-day training course on Community-Led Local Devel¬opment (CLLD).

(05 May 2014) - AEIDL's Annual Report 2013 is now available online.

(07 April 2014) – AEIDL’s General Assembly (AGM) was held on 5 April.

(17 March 2014) - Today, we publish the report on the conference, ‘Reinventing Europe through Local Initiative’, held in Brussels on 19-20 February by AEIDL, on the occasion of its 25th anniversary.

(05 March 2014) - The Notre Europe-Jacques Delors Institute think tank has just published Marjorie Jouen’s speech at the recent AEIDL’s conference. FAO also mentioned the conference on its Latin America website.