(18 January 2012) - The FARNET Support Unit, which is co-operated by AEIDL, has just published a methodological guide entitled “Diversification of Fisheries Areas”.

(16 January 2012) - The European Commission has announced the 24 finalists (from the 107 nominations received) for the 2012 RegioStars Awards. RUR@CT which has involved AEIDL is among them.

(22 November 2011) - Videos of the FARNET Conference “Sustainable futures for fisheries areas” are now available online.

(6 November 2011) - AEIDL’s Board met in Budapest and visited projects along the Hungarian-Slovak border.

(June 2011) - When looking for "AEIDL" on the web, someone recently found this picture of a train carriage, bearing an (fairly nice) "AEIDL" graffiti (bottom right)!

Is it a joke, the message of an admirer or a simple coincidence? Needless to say that we accept no responsibility for this "masterpiece”!



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