(15 May 2013) - Within de framework of the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA), AEIDL will analyse the contribution of the Hungary-Croatia and Hungary-Serbia cross-border cooperation programmes to EU regional policy.

(19 April 2013) - The Transport Research and Innovation Portal (TRIP) consortium, which includes AEIDL, has published a new brochure entitled “Innovation in urban mobility - Policy making and planning”. It is promoted by a video which was entirely produced by AEIDL.

(28 March 2013) - The European Commission has published the final report of 'Urban Development in the EU', a study produced by AEIDL.

(25 January 2013) - In November 2012, AEIDL’s LIFE team went on a three-day study visit to Cyprus. Tim Hudson made videos on two projects.

(11 December 2012) - AEIDL is recruiting a trainee librarian for 2013.