(10 August 2017) - The second Social Innovation Community (SIC) Summer School was held in Bologna, Italy, from June 26 to June 30th. Presentations from the event are now available online.


(02 August 2017) - AEIDL will coordinate the three Communities of Practice of the new European Migrant Entrepreneurship Network (EMEN), which will network organisations supporting migrant entrepreneurs.


(02 August 2017) - The ESF Transnational Platform is recruiting a Contract Manager and a Policy Adviser.


(26 July 2017) - Armelle Ledan-Prade of AEIDL participated in a study for the European Parliament’s REGI Committee on the “Integrated use of ESI funds to address social challenges”.


(14 June 2017) - The closing event of the Erasmus+ SIRCle project will be held on June 29th in Brussels. It is now time to share publicly stories and findings, and the inspiration gathered from over 200 social entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs who took part in the 12 Evoneers’ Journey Pilot training programmes in six EU countries.


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