We Exist

(24 May 2018) – ‘We Exist’ is organising two Syrian cooking courses which will take place at AEIDL on Saturday 16 June and Sunday 8 July.

(19 April 2018) - AEIDL will participate in the ‘Carrefour des innovations sociales’, a new French collaborative platform for social innovation.


(05 April 2018) - The European Migrant Entrepreneurship Network (EMEN) representing 12 dedicated European organisations, including AEIDL, kindly invites you to its first annual conference, taking place 23 April 2018 at Social Impact Lab Munich.


(14 March 2018) - AEIDL is seeking English-speaking nature/environment/climate change experts and journalists to participate in tenders for EU contracts.


(09 March 2018) - Strategic development, exchanges of best practices and communication: a survey analyses the professionalisation needs of migrant entrepreneurs’ associations in Europe.