(23 February 2017) - In response to the recent wave of arrivals of asylum seekers to Europe, many social innovations, often led by ordinary citizens, have flourished. Antoine Saint-Denis (AEIDL) draws some lessons for policy-making.


(21 February 2017) - A group of experts within the LIFE external monitoring team (Neemo, including AEIDL) has published a report analysing the LIFE programme’s role in creating green jobs and boosting sustainable economic growth across Europe.


(16 February 2017) - The first of the three SIC Summer Schools hosted by the SIC project was successfully concluded at the end of September 2016 after a 4-day participatory learning event. You can access here some of the most relevant outcomes of the Summer School.


(14 February 2017) - What does social inclusion in fisheries communities mean to you? The FARNET Support Unit is launching a photo competition on this theme.

Mohamad al-Kour

(10 February 2017) - Antoine Saint-Denis (AEIDL) speaks with Mohamad al-Kour, a Syrian refugee who has been living in Belgium for the past 18 months. Mohamad explains his reasons for leaving Syria, tells the story of his long journey to and through Europe, and talks about his new life in his newly adopted country.


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