(15 January 2017) - A job vacancy has arisen for a network manager in the European Social Fund (ESF) Transnational Platform.

Refugees working in Sweden

(14 December 2016) - AEIDL is quoted in a recent thesis by Lana Plug, Wageningen University. This thesis calls for the need to adopt both immigration and rural development policies from a mobile and human rights based approach, which would secure the rights of refugees and local rural development in a mutually sustainable way, in order to facilitate a successful accommodation of refugees in particularly declining rural areas of Europe now and in the future.

Eamon O'Hara

(07 December 2016) - Eamon O'Hara, a collaborator of AEIDL and the initiator of the ECOLISE network, made the front page of La Vie Quercynoise last week.


(02 December 2016) - The integration of refugees is now underway in Germany. Márta Márczis, the president of AEIDL, reports on a recent workshop in Berlin, organised by the Robert Bosch Foundation, which explored the integration process. An interesting innovation is the Sprint model, which has been replicated throughout the country. Other examples of practical actions taken at local level are presented in a series of BBC reports from Oberhausen.

FARNET Magazione 14

(28 November 2016) - The latest edition of the FARNET Magazine features reports from Scotland, Menorca and Southern Finland, together with articles on the main challenges facing Fisheries Local Action Groups (FLAGs), including: supporting innovation in the local supply chain, and demonstrating results and measuring longer-term impacts of local development in fisheries areas.


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