ESF Conference

(01 June 2017) - The annual event of the ESF Transnational Platform is now up and running in Brussels until tomorrow.

AEIDL eLibrary

(30 May 2017) - All publications to which AEIDL has contributed (for instance by writing or designing them) can now be accessed directly on the AEIDL website. This includes work carried out for clients either directly or by the EEIGs of which it is a member.


(19 May 2017) - At the crossroads of entrepreneurship, personal empowerment and social innovation, the SIRCle project has created its first ripples across Europe. We take stock of the achievements of this pioneering initiative.

The Place for Everyone

(14 April 2017) - The AEIDL website gives now access to ‘The Place for Everyone’ website, which was created to support the initiatives and build a virtual network of practitioners, NGOs, grassroots organisations and local authorities working at local level with disadvantaged and vulnerable communities, including Roma.


(11 April 2017) - The second edition of the Social Innovation Community Summer School (“SUMSIC 2017”) will be held at the University of Bologna from June 26th to June 30th.