Horizon 2020

(20 March 2017) - AEIDL has been invited to take part in the KNOWMAK (KNOWledge in the MAKing in the European society) project, funded under Horizon 2020.


(20 March 2017) - After receiving over 100 wonderful photo submissions, eight finalists have been chosen for best illustrating social inclusion in fisheries communities.


(03 March 2017) - AEIDL organised the third Consortium meeting of the Social Innovation Community (SIC) project, hosted at La Cité des Métiers on 27-28 February 2017 in Paris.


(23 February 2017) - In response to the recent wave of arrivals of asylum seekers to Europe, many social innovations, often led by ordinary citizens, have flourished. Antoine Saint-Denis (AEIDL) draws some lessons for policy-making.


(21 February 2017) - A group of experts within the LIFE external monitoring team (Neemo, including AEIDL) has published a report analysing the LIFE programme’s role in creating green jobs and boosting sustainable economic growth across Europe.