The ‘greening’ of the roof of AEIDL's building will have a great demonstration value. This was the message of a ‘sustainable lunch’ held at the association’s offices on 5 November 2012. The lunch brought together around 50 stakeholders in sustainable construction and urban development.

AEIDL has almost completed the ecological renovation of the flat roof of its offices. A surface area of round 300 m² has been covered with plants that require only a thin layer of soil.

As well as boosting biodiversity (flowers, insects, birds, etc.), a green roof acts like a sponge, reducing and delaying runoff into municipal drains.

The lunch highlighted two ecological elements of the renovated roof: the drainage material is made from recycled airline seats; the terrace (90 m²) is made from acacia, a European wood that has the same durability as exotic woods, but without the risk of coming from poorly managed forest or having a high ecological footprint caused by long distance transport.

The sustainability of the roof is also supported by its user-friendliness (the terrace is a new relaxation area for the staff) and electricity generation (30 solar panels will be installed in the spring of next year).

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