(30 June 2014) - The latest edition of the FARNET Newsletter (July 2014) mentions our LinkedIn discussion group, "Reinventing Europe through Local Initiative”.

Entitled “LinkedIn group on CLLD”, the article says: "In the wake of the successful jubilee conference organised by AEIDL (the European Association for Information on Local Development) in February 2014, an online discussion group has been launched on LinkedIn. Reinventing Europe through Local Initiatives is the place to go to share your stories, questions and ideas on how local initiatives can make a difference in creating the Europe of tomorrow."

FARNET, the European fisheries areas network, gathers 303 areas and local action groups (FLAGs) implementing local development projects supported by Axis 4 of the European Fisheries Fund (EFF).

To this day, the discussion group, “Reinventing Europe through Local Initiative”, has 77 members.

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