(19 April 2018) - AEIDL will participate in the ‘Carrefour des innovations sociales’, a new French collaborative platform for social innovation.

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Following the initiative of CGET (the French government’s office for land planning, and territorial and urban policy), La Fonda (a well-established think tank working with associations) and around 50 more partners, France is launching the ‘Carrefour des innovations sociales’ (Social Innovation Hub).

This digital platform, with a first version launched in April 2018, aims at unleashing the potential of social innovation, providing spaces for co-construction.

This first version will present more than 10,000 social innovations from more than 70 sources, including the Carrefour's member organisations.

AEIDL has joined the project, hoping to bring a European dimension to it by rallying other Member States to the approach.

This is fully in line with the association's desire to support the development of a European social innovation ecosystem, complementing the Social Innovation Community project in which AEIDL has long been involved.

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