(23 November 2020) - Enrique Nieto (AEIDL) was interviewed by the El Diario Montañés daily (Santander / Cantabria, Spain) on the issue of "smart territories".

Enrique Nieto
© El Diario Montañés

For him, it is essential to support the creation of territorial innovation ecosystems that contribute to strengthening the bottom-up approach to development by linking it more closely to sources and actors of knowledge and innovation such as universities, businesses, technology centres, NGOs, etc.

There is already a tool that supports these innovation ecosystems in the agrifood sector with the EIP-AGRI Operational Groups that have been successfully funded in recent years by the Ministries of Agriculture across the EU. This experience should inspire the creation of a similar approach but beyond the agro-food sector, which could be part of the possible interventions of the future EU rural development policy for the period 2021-2027.

Countries such as Finland and Poland are already considering this possibility, particularly with the LEADER groups, which are real "brokers" or innovation agents that can link local needs with sources of innovation.

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