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LIFE Communications Team
  • Client:  European Commission, Directorate-General for Environment
  • Duration: 2009-2014

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To inform, promote, make known, popularise ... - AEIDL has been the "Communications Team" of this major European environmental programme since 2001.

LIFE, the EU’s Financial Instrument for the Environment, was established in 1992. Between then and 2009, the programme has included several phases (LIFE, LIFE II, LIFE III) and strands (LIFE-Environment, LIFE-Nature, LIFE-Third Countries), which were the subject of coordination and communication contracts awarded to AEIDL.

The current phase of the programme, LIFE+ (2007-2013), brings together all budget lines previously separately managed within DG Environment (LIFE, support of European environmental NGOs, networks of sustainable cities, Forest Focus, etc.). It consists of three strands or components: "Nature and Biodiversity", " Environmental Policy and Governance" and “Information and Communication”.

The LIFE + Programme has a budget of € 2.14 billion for the period 2007-2013, 78% of which is assigned for supporting projects. Half of this is earmarked for "Nature and Biodiversity" projects and 15% of is supposed to be used for transnational projects.

Under this contract, AEIDL’s task is to provide technical support and assistance for European-level communication activities. This primarily involves the dissemination of the results of supported projects and facilitating the transfer of experience and know-how to specific target groups.

AEIDL is responsible for 14 specific tasks, including the production and dissemination of thematic publications and best practices, the design and maintenance of the LIFE website and databases, and the organisation of seminars and events.

Within AEIDL, the LIFE team consists of 15 people, including specialists in nature and the environment, as well as communications (journalism, graphic and web design, database design and management, etc.).


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