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The reception of refugees cannot just be seen as an emergency measure. In France, 4 000 offers from families willing to host refugees have been received by CALM (“Comme A La Maison” / "just like home"), a system set up by SINGA, an association helping asylum seekers.

An innovative, citizen-led initiative, the CALM system links poorly housed or homeless refugees with individuals who offer them a place to stay.

It relies on a growing community of citizens wishing to engage in the hosting of refugees. Since the project began on the 20 June 2015, World Refugee Day, the number of hosting proposals coming through the SINGA website has exploded, from only 20 between June and August, to over 12 000 proposals in September.

Around 4 000 people are now registered to offer accommodation (a house, apartment or room), demonstrating a level of spontaneity that contrasts with the intransigence often associated with issues related to immigration.

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