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Two briefing notes on EU funding instruments and networks to support labour market integration of refugees have been prepared by Policy Department A for the European Parliament’s Committee on Employment and Social Affairs.

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A first note gives an overview of relevant instruments including those for migrants with a view to the changed situation and needs.

- In the medium term, the European Social Fund will gain increasing importance for the integration of refugees.

- As part of the European Agenda for Migration, the Commission has been promoting a flexible and effective use of the existing funds for refugees and called not to lose sight of other disadvantaged groups.

- The Commission has implemented a number of activities to enhance the effectiveness of European funding 2014-2020 as regards monitoring of complementarity, building up result-oriented evaluation, streamlining and simplification.

- First ideas have been floated to create additional European funding instruments, such as a Common European Refugee Integration Fund targeted at municipalities. So far, this has not triggered a more concrete policy debate.

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