Our projects

  • Client: European Commission, Directorate-General for Employment and Social Affairs
  • Partner: European Dynamics (Greece)
  • Duration: 2005-2008



The "Linking Local Actors" project involved the setting up of a European database in order to facilitate cooperation between local employment practioners in the EU's 27 Member States, and between local employment practioners and the European Commission.

The project website provided useful information on best practices, events, sources of funding, partner searches, etc. The methodology proposed by the AEIDL/ European Dynamics team revolved around three main ideas:

  • cooperation with a panel of experts selected on the basis of their expertise in various thematic areas;
  • a flexible approach based on matching the supply with the demand for information;
  • creating synergies between thematic experts and journalists.

Linking Local Actors identified 58 good practices in local employment development across Europe.