Our projects

  • Client: European Commission, Directorate-General for Agriculture
  • Partners: Grupo Alba, IEEP, Metis, Rural Development Company
  • Duration: 2014-2020

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The Directorate-General for Agriculture of the European Commission (DG AGRI) has contracted the RURANET EEIG, made up of five partner organisations including AEIDL, to manage the Contact Point of the European Network for Rural Development (ENRD) during the 2014-2020 period.

The purpose of the ENRD is to increase the involvement of all stakeholders (in particular in agriculture, forestry and rural development) in the implementation of the EU rural development policy; to improve the quality of rural development programmes; and to play a role in informing the broader public on the benefits of rural development policy.

RURANET is an equal partnership of five organisations with complementary skills and expertise: AEIDLGrupo Alba (Spain), IEEP - Institute for European Environmental Policy (UK), Metis GmbH (Austria), and the Rural Development Company (UK).

A permanent team of 21 full-time equivalents will work for the ENRD Contact Point, the first activities of which began in July 2014.

The ENRD Contact Point is in charge of three major tasks:

- Knowledge development

  • Analysis of Rural Development Programmes (RDPs) and their implementation
  • Animation of thematic groups

- Knowledge sharing

  • Website and social media
  • Publications (newsletter, magazine, periodicals, project brochures)

- Exchange and cooperation

  • Events (ENRD Assembly, sub-groups and steering group; National Rural Networks meetings; ENRD seminars)
  • Networking with National Rural Networks and other stakeholders
  • Cooperation with regards to LEADER and CLLD
  • Transnational cooperation

After LEADER (1992-2001) and the Helpdesk of the European Evaluation Network for Rural Development (2008-2014), this contract allows AEIDL to continue to be a key player in the field of rural development.