Our projects

  • Client: European Commission, Directorate-General for Regional Policy
  • Duration: 2002-2007

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Between 2002 and 2007, AEIDL was responsible for the production and dissemination of the main publications of the European Commission's DG for Regional Policy ("DG REGIO").

In March 2002, DG REGIO and AEIDL signed a contract for "services pertaining to publication and information activities in the area of EU regional and cohesion policy”. In the framework of this contract, AEIDL was responsible for the editing, production coordination and dissemination of about a dozen well-known publications, including:

  • the monthly newsletter InfoREGIO News (until n°270),
  • the InfoREGIO Panorama magazine (until n°25),
  • the series Structural Policies and European Territory (a showcase of European regional policy by country or topic), as well as factsheets for the Regional Development Atlas,
  • various guides, reports and other ad hoc DG REGIO publications.

To fulfil this contract, AEDL engaged a large number of journalists, translators and rewriters, as most DG REGIO publications are produced in all of the official languages of the EU.