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  • Financing: Horizon 2020
  • Duration: 2020-2024

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MOVING (MOuntain Valorization through INterconnectedness and Green growth) is a Horizon 2020 project coordinated by the University of Córdoba. AEIDL is in charge of communication and dissemination.

The overall objective of MOVING is to build capacities and co-develop — in a bottom-up participatory process with value chain actors, stakeholders and policy-makers— relevant policy frameworks across Europe for the establishment of new or upgraded/upscaled value chains that contribute to resilience and sustainability of mountain areas.

MOVING will give regional and European stakeholders new collaborative tools for the definition of policies in Mountain regions.

The project will deliver a deeper understanding of how rural communities, territories and ecosystems are affected by stressors, about the most successful strategies in place and about the policy mix that might contribute to resilience and sustainability of mountain areas.

It will also provide guidelines for renewed policy options affecting the policy mix influencing mountain areas. These guidelines will be based on participatory citizen-science-policy approaches to develop evidence-based and performance-focused recommendations for the “next generation” of policy interventions for enhancing the connectivity, sustainability and resilience of mountain regions.

AEIDL is the leader of the work package on communication and dissemination.