Our projects

  • Client: Conseil régional du Limousin (France)
  • Partners: RCT and XPS Développement (France)
  • Duration: 2008-2010


Identifying and documenting good practices in rural development at regional level and facilitating their transfer throughout Europe ... these are the objectives of the RUR@CT network.

RUR@CT is a network of some 20 European regions interested in transferring regional best practices in rural development. The lead partner in the network, the Limousin region (France), selected the partnership consisting of RCT (Réseau Conseil en développement Territorial), XPS Développement and AEIDL to establish and provide content for the RUR@CT resource centre.

Split into three phases, covering the period between April 2008 and the end of 2010, AEIDL was contracted to:

  • compile a number of tools (questionnaires, thesaurus, factsheet templates, etc.) for use in gathering and processing the best practices;
  • identify and propose best practices in rural development at regional level;
  • draft about a hundred presentations of these best practices on the basis of three types of factsheets (the first outlining the project, the second the terms under which it can be transferred, and the third the result of any transfer);
  • deliver final versions of some 200 factsheets in French and English;
  • initiate or participate in PR activities promoting the RUR@CT network.

Presentation to the RegioStars Awards 2012