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Corradino is a good example of how EU-supported networking actions can have a positive effect as a driving force to foster integrated planning. Starting from the initial plan to redevelop an old prison building into a museum and tourism facilities, participation in the REPAIR network of the URBACT II programme presented the opportunity to develop a Local Action Plan producing a substantial integrated vision for the city, comprising a whole set of projects of a multi-sectoral nature, creating a wide partnership including private and public actors and diversifying sources of funding, including the ESF as well as the ERDF. The LAP (Local Action Plan) has become a substantial strategic document shaping the functional and social development of the prison.

Executive summary

The initial goal of this project was the redevelopment of an old prison building into a cultural and sports facility. This first objective, promoted by a private actor, the Hibernians Sport Association, has become the trigger for wide strategic planning action promoted by a partnership lead by the Local Council of Paola. The Paola Action Plan aims to integrate the regeneration of the city along several axes, comprising the creation of a green path linking heritage sites, mobility reorganisation, restoration of the old fortifications, training for employment of the disadvantaged, renewable energy sources, etc.

The URBACT REPAIR network’s methodology for urban regeneration suggested five ‘pillars’ along which the local partnership has designed its actions: sustainable urban conservation, transit oriented development, sustainable communities, good design, and energy efficiency. The plan extends until 2015, and its main objective is to enhance the potential of Paola as a heritage site in an area designated mainly as a residential and transit site next to Valletta’s Grand Harbour. The implementation of actions is mainly at initial stage but many of the operations have been granted funding, with a significant contribution of EU structural funds.

Among the projects are the recovery of the old prison funded by the ERDF under Priority 2 (promoting sustainable tourism), the realisation of green spaces and the restoration of the military fortifications (both supported by INTERREG IV) and a social programme for the training and professional reintegration of prisoners on parole from the local correctional facility, funded by the ESF. This case is a good example of how EU-supported networking actions can have a positive effect by empowering the local administration, increasing its strategic capacity, fostering integrated planning and supporting the creation of effective territorial partnerships.

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Technical information


A new type of prison visit

Member State and Region

Malta, Paola Local Council

Duration of project

48 months (2010–2014)


Total eligible budget: 306 060 000 €, up to 50% of co-financing

ERDF contribution: €153 034 €

Cohesion Policy Objective


Managing Authority

Planning and Priorities Coordination Department

Office of the Prime Minister, MT-VLT 1210 Valletta

CCI nr of OP

2007MT161PO001 OP ‘Investing in Competitiveness for a Better Quality of Life'


Malcolm Borg , Heritage Enterprise This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Integrated approaches, Urban renewal, disadvantaged neighbourhoods, Tourism and Culture