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The comprehensive regeneration of the historic centre of Málaga aims to strengthen its identity, its multiple functions and the quality of its public space. Its sustainable city model combines a high quality of life for its population and the participation of its citizens with the economic and cultural development of the central area to cope with the increasing numbers of visitors and tourists.

Executive summary

The main objective of the project is to regenerate the historic centre of Málaga in order to strengthen its identity, facilitate its multiple functions and improve the quality of public space. The aim was to improve the attractiveness of the historical centre, as regards retail, tourism and cultural facilities, and in parallel to reinforce social cohesion and the inclusion of its disadvantaged population. This was to be achieved through specific objectives to support economic activity, create social services and facilities, enhance the knowledge society and renovate urban spaces – all with a strong dose of citizen involvement and participation.

The main innovation of this project comes from the regeneration approach itself, because it simultaneously addresses social cohesion, economic development and environmental sustainability, meeting at the same time the needs of residents and visitors. This approach avoids gentrification and forcing lower income residents to move away. The local authority showed a real commitment to setting up a strong citizen participation process, generating new lines of communication with the main local associations and with individual citizens, in the framework of different activities and projects to promote social inclusion.

The project’s final recipients include small businesses, business start-ups, unemployed people receiving training, elderly people and members of the time bank as well as local associations. Around 3 500 inhabitants have benefitted from the project’s programmes and services. Urban Initiative Assemblies, which bring together residents, associations and local councillors, are held to create a forum for dialogue, accountability and the evaluation of the project’s activities and results.

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Technical information


Building the 'good city' in the South of Europe

Member State and Region

Spain – Andalucía - Malaga

Duration of project

96 months (2008-2015)


Total budget: 14 400 000 € - ERDF contribution: 10 044 432 €

Cohesion Policy Objective


Managing Authority

Ministerio de Economìa y Hacienda - Madrid, España Dirección General de Fondos Comunitarios, Subdirección General de Administración del FEDER

CCI nr of OP



Pedro Marín, Director of the Observatorio del Medio Ambiente Urbano (OMAU)

Director of the Department of European Affairs, Ayuntamiento de Málaga

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Begoña Oliva Pérez

Servicio de Programas Europeos

Tel: +34 9519 28843

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http://www.malaga.eu/ (ES)



Urban renewal, disadvantaged neighbourhoods