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Facilitating cooperation between actors and between territories

AEIDL provides comprehensive advice and support to European cooperation projects, be they transnational, cross-border or interregional.

Whether acting as the catalyst for an innovative idea or being involved in the perfection of a development project patiently built up at local level, cooperation between actors and between territories always represents added-value: it is an excellent way to share perspectives, compare methods and approaches with those from other cultures, and to achieve the critical mass necessary to ensure the viability of an activity, a product, or a service. Nevertheless, it is a long and often difficult process requiring careful preparation and monitoring.

Supporting cooperation between actors and between territories is AEIDL’s traditional vocation. Since its foundation, it has helped hundreds of organisations implement cooperation projects, usually involving partners from several countries.

With its multicultural team and its network of experts, AEIDL can provide assistance in the preparation and execution of all stages of a cooperation project.