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Evaluation of projects and programmes: before, during, after...

AEIDL has a unit of specialists who take charge of evaluations of projects and programmes.

Evaluation is nowadays an integral part of project management. At the European level, the evaluation of programmes is an important requirement that must be respected by partners at all levels: European, Member State and regional. But evaluation is also a learning approach, allowing programme designers and managers to improve their own future interventions.

In recent years, an evaluation culture has gradually developed throughout Europe, promoting permanent exchanges between development actors and continuously enhancing their methods in order to improve the quality of the outputs.

Being regularly asked to carry out evaluation work (ex-ante, mid-term or ex-post), AEIDL has introduced grass-roots participatory evaluation methods. Case studies, evaluation seminars, focus groups, "brainstorming" sessions, questionnaires, and logical context analysis are just some of the qualitative approaches used by our experts to complement the usual range of quantitative evaluation tools.

Here you can find some examples of evaluation.