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Information, communication, networking

To provide information, link up actors, facilitate collaboration and the sharing and exchange of best practices. These are the four pillars of AEIDL’s approach to institutional communication, one of its major specialties.

Whether it concerns territorial development, the environment or employment, effective communication is needed to inform the general public, mobilise potential project promoters, support existing projects, and bring together stakeholders. With regard to support structures, it is important to promote the dissemination of information in a way that enables policymakers and other stakeholders to be in touch with activities "in the field", while also giving projects the best possible visibility.

This is AEIDL’s speciality - we put all our know-how into delivering the best possible results: strategic planning, methodological support, journalism, editing, translation, publishing, dissemination, evaluation, etc. AEIDL is structured to ensure optimum coordination and integration of these different tasks at all stages.