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Video production

In addition to publications, web development and other communication activities, AEIDL is also experienced in video production.

AEIDL's contracts, as well as its own projects, regularly involve the production of high quality videos.

A number of members of AEIDL's team of journalists and communication experts have the skills and facilities needed to produce professional videos.

Camera and sound engineers, graphic designers, journalists and editors can all contribute to the production process (initiating concepts, planning, scripting, filming, sound recording, editing, animating and subtitling).

The AEIDL team also has access to an extensive library of video material covering a variety of general and specialised topics from across the EU.



Videos produced by AEIDL in the framework of the Long Term Unemployment Project (LTU Project).
If you want to display the sub-titles, please toggle the settings using the [CC] icons at the bottom of a video as shown here to the right, and chose the language option you prefer.


Empowering young mobile workers in Germany

Adjusting to living in another country is crucial for young migrant workers .
This film shows how social support enables them to make successful transitions.

I Diverso

Creating inclusive enterprises in Belgium

Social enterprises are important actors in labour market integration.
This film illustrates how they provide a bridge from inactivity to work for the long term unemployed.


Adapting jobs for persons with disabilities in Malta

Integrating the long term unemployed requires excellent co-operation between agencies.
Here a public-private partnership provides a "win-win" for both disabled persons and employers.


Developing peer support among jobseekers in Spain

Empowerment is a key ingredient of successful labour market integration.
Here, a very innovative approach assists long term unemployed people to design their own pathways to work.

Back to work allowance

Helping new entrepreneurs in Ireland

Self-employment can be a good option for some long term unemployed people.
This film shows how well designed policies can foster entrepreneurship.


Integrating refugees in Belgium

Company set up around refugee workers.
The film focuses on employer's motivations and a refugee worker who has made his way up the company.
Interviews with two service users, two employers and project workers.


Integrating persons with disabilities in Greece
The Margarita project in Athens works to help people with disabilities in to work, giving step by step assistance from training to final work.

Apoyo Empleo +45, Red Cross

Increasing the employability of older workers in Spain
Project to help over 45s into work.
Direct ESF link. Film looks at project, challenges of over 45s and role of employer.
Interviews with project worker, two service users and employer.

Kyustendil Public Employment Service

Offering inclusive employment opportunities in Bulgaria
The film follows the story of Ivan who had spent his life in institutions for persons with disabilities, before moving to a new home in Kyustendil, taking inspiration from the home manager.
Ivan then gets introduced to the Public Employment Service's project to help long-term unemployed into work, finding employment in the local theatre.